GlobalSysConnect and SysMaster Corporation join forces to provide advanced VOIP solution


Walnut Creek, CA, October 10th, 2012 – GlobalSysConnect, a global provider of VoIP termination services, and SysMaster Corporation, a leading provider of VoIP billing, IPTV and wireless solutions have announced a partnership that will enable them to provide an advanced VoIP package to customers from around the world.

GlobalSysConnect provides international voice termination services across the world at competitive price and toll quality and offers its customers two main types of products to choose from: Standard and Premium. Standard: Voice termination services are offered through our LCR based Mechanism, at an excellent price and regular quality checks through our Standard product to those customers who are looking for a competitive price. Our Standard Product is primarily for wholesale voice carriers, ISPs, incumbent telephone operators and all price-conscious customers. Premium: Voice termination services are offered through our QBR mechanism with the right combination of price and toll quality through our Premium product offerings. You will get excellent call quality at an economical price with this product option. This option is primarily for mobile operators, retail voice operators like calling card companies, call shop owners and Tier-2 and Tier-3 operators.

SysMaster’s VoIP/Voice, IPTV/Video, and Wireless/Data products enable traditional and emerging service providers to build modern telecom infrastructure and offer real-time voice, video and data services to subscribers. SysMaster’s VoIP products enable the transportation of voice traffic over the Internet thereby reducing infrastructure costs. Providers pass some of the savings in the form of more competitive rates to subscribers, resulting in a win-win business proposition. SysMaster’s IPTV products enable the transportation of audio and video streams over the Internet. The technology enables providers to effectively compete with cable operators for a share of the lucrative TV services market. SysMaster’s Wireless products enable the deployment of wireless networks with extended coverage (e.g. networks that cover resorts, cities, or metropolitan areas). Such networks allow providers to satisfy the growing demand for mobile access services.



About SysMaster Corporation

SysMaster is a leading vendor of voice, video, and data equipment, serving emerging and traditional telecoms and service providers. The company offers extensive line of Voice-over-IP, IPTV, and Wireless products and solutions which enable service providers to build robust and scalable networks for delivery of next generation services to subscribers. SysMaster’s innovative solutions are successfully deployed in over 60 countries worldwide.